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In the early days of our century (1903) ANTHONY Z. KASTIS founded his company "KASTIS SHIPPING AGENCY" in order to represent passenger and cargo ships connecting LEROS with Mainland Greece, Italy and Egypt. After the founder's death in 1934 the company passed to the hands of his son GEORGE A. KASTIS who developed and further expanded its scope by adding other transport and commercial activities, particularly following the end of World War 2 and the liberation of the Dodecanese islands in 1947.

Since then, Kastis Shipping Agency has earned a well-respected reputation among the Piraeus shipping community, representing several passenger ships between Piraeus and other Islands.

In 1969 George A. Kastis died and his son ATHONY G. KASTIS, a merchant marine captain, took over the reins of the company adding a new branch as KASTIS TRAVEL & SHIPPING AGENCY and offering it a new profile as well as new services to the island of Leros.

Anthony's son DIMITRIS A. KASTIS, a graduate in Travel & Tourism Management entered the family business in 1996 and has been doing his best towards the company goals.

Therefore, it is pretty obvious that the KASTIS family through their company KASTIS TRAVEL & SHIPPING AGENCY and their century-old experience in providing consistently reliable transport - tourism services has become a real asset for the island of Leros as one of the oldest travel and shipping agencies in Greece.

Four generations and still going strong !!
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